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GETA is an association of therapists who believe that individuals experiencing gender-related concerns ought to be treated using a whole person approach.

Many mental health clinicians have come to realize that in recent years, our field has lost its way when it comes to treating gender-questioning youth. For more than a century, people have turned to psychotherapy for help with psychological distress of all kinds, and we have good evidence that it is effective at helping with a range of problems. Psychotherapy aims to explore and open things up, not shut things down or concretize them. The medicalization of gender distress goes against the basic principles of good therapy. GETA aims to promote the use of psychotherapy for the treatment of gender issues, offering a psychological approach to psychological distress.

GETA - resources for Clinicians

Download GETA’s free Clinical Guide for Therapists Working with Gender Questioning Youth. Developed by a team of clinicians with expertise working with gender dysphoric youth and their families, the Guide offers therapists an introduction to working with this growing population based on the latest research and a solid understanding of psychotherapeutic best practice. 


Membership of GETA doesn’t just give you the opportunity to be listed as a gender exploratory therapist.

It also allows you to join our community of practitioners, where you can share resources, exchange ideas and build relationships.

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