Introductory letter

Introductory letter for Parents and Clients

If you or someone you love is dealing with distress regarding gender identity or biological sex, this Resources page is for you. 

The Gender Exploratory Therapy Alliance (GETA) exists because we believe those who are exploring or struggling with gender identity should be able to find resources, therapeutic care, and treatment for legitimate mental health concerns, without having an ideological agenda pushed on them.

If you are the parent or loved one of a child who has recently opened up about their struggle, you may be feeling scared or overwhelmed. Your head may be spinning as you try to make sense of concepts and terminology that are new and confusing to you, not to mention how you are now supposed to relate to this loved one who is telling you that they are not who you thought they were. 

If you personally are struggling with these issues, you may feel scared and overwhelmed as well! You may be wondering what to make of the constant flood of news, discussion, and debate about issues related to gender in popular culture. You may be wondering who you can trust to tell you what is up and what is down—or what is right and what is wrong. 

Of course, we cannot provide all of those answers for you, nor can we claim to be “the ones you should trust” as you navigate this difficult landscape. Our goal is to do what we can to make care and resources available to you, and to never take away your right and responsibility to decide for yourself who and what you will trust. This is of the utmost importance during a time when there is no shortage of people—therapists included—who will insist that they have the answers to how you should make sense of what you are going through.

Here you will find various articles, videos, links, and resources which we hope will be helpful to you on your journey. If you are looking for a therapist you can also submit a request to be contacted by a GETA therapist. 

As you explore these resources, you may want to read our ABOUT page, or our GETA MEMBERSHIP STATEMENT so you can be informed about the perspective from which we approach these issues.

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