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Detransition: An introduction for therapists.

Stefan de Villiers

Friday 22nd September, 3pm EDT

This workshop provides an entry point for therapists who are interested in supporting clients who are either considering or in the process of detransitioning. Drawing on clinical practice, academic research, and personal experience, Stefan presents an overview of the social context within which detransitioners are emerging, with a special focus on a Canadian context. Stefan shares an overview of the latest research, history, key terms, themes, and controversies in gender-related healthcare, as well as a selection of mental health needs and challenges often reported among detransitioners. Also provided are recommendations for therapists on how to best support clients who are in the process of detransitioning. The workshop will be followed by a Q&A period.

Stefan is a mental health practitioner, a Registered Social Worker and holds a Master’s degree in Social Work (clinical specialization) from the University of Calgary, Canada, and a Post-Graduate Certificate in Traumatic Stress Studies through the US-based Trauma Research Foundation. Stefan is a Certified Grief Educator and recently completed a 100-hour training in hypnosis and strategic therapy. 

Since 2018, Stefan has worked in community mental health, as well as running a small private practice alongside his wife. A trans man himself who transitioned nearly 20 years ago, Stefan has a particular interest in gender and sexuality issues. He is currently working on developing services for detransitioning adults, as well as adults who feel they were harmed by gender-related medicalization.

Please note: To preserve and protect intellectual property rights and confidentiality, outside recording of the seminar is not permitted. However, a recording will be made available to GETA members.

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