Welcome to the Gender Exploratory Therapy Alliance! 

Day by day, the number of therapists who are concerned about the encroachment of Gender Ideology into the mental health professions grows.

We hope to create a place where gender exploratory therapists can connect with one another for dialogue, learning, and professional development, and where those seeking therapy for issues related to gender can find resources and referrals to therapists who can be trusted to engage issues of gender without assuming foregone conclusions or pushing an ideological agenda.

As GETA grows, we hope that members will network, dialogue, and even produce resources and trainings to help us provide the best possible care to clients. We also hope the existence of GETA will help to establish and maintain that there is nothing offensive or unethical about providing real therapy (rather than ideological indoctrination or “instant affirmation”) for clients who are dealing with issues related to gender identity. And we hope GETA will be a rallying point for therapists to push back against institutions who would falsely label gender exploratory therapy as “conversion therapy,” and then seek to have it outlawed.

Working collaboratively as a group we can draw on the resources, expertise, experience, and knowledge from a wide range of network members. This network is open-minded, creative, heterodox, and above all, committed to the healing ethos of talking therapies. Let’s join together in service to a noble cause!

The GETA Team

How referrals will be managed

A key component of our website will be providing a means by which those seeking therapy can be connected with gender exploratory therapists. **** Explanation here about how referrals will be managed, & how they can update their account when they are/aren’t taking new clients.

How you can contribute to keeping the GETA website current and relevant:

It is important that the GETA website stays relevant and engages visitors with new content. To this end, it would be helpful if you could:

  • Monitor news feeds/websites and send us items to post in our Resources & Articles sections.
  • Post comments on articles/personal testimony/personal opinion pieces. All of these pieces are intended to stimulate debate and further discussion of the issues that are raised. Comments help to make the website & discussion groups more engaging and interactive.
  • Consider contributing writing of your own. This could be personal testimony (which can be anonymised) or a personal opinion piece (if you are interested in writing a more formal article then contact us first to discuss).
  • If you have ideas for things that you think should happen on the GETA website or within the organization, let us know! Especially if you have time to help contribute, we would be glad to hear from you.
  • Spread the word about GETA through your own networks and on social media platforms. Connecting Together
  • We have created a private network members’ Facebook group. Use the link below and, when you get to the GETA page, click on the “Join group” button. The admin will get a notification of your request and will accept it. Notifications are checked regularly, so you won’t be waiting ages. Until you become a member, all you will see is the group title and header picture; you won’t be able to see any posts. We are also hoping to start a Discord group for these discussions in the near future.
  • We have several ongoing peer consultation groups that meet monthly via zoom. Please check the members section of the website for meeting times and topics. 


(Leftover text from CTA letter)

Other Facilities

  • Also, the CTA Network Members’ private section of the CTA website is where items, such as collaborative projects and notices, can be posted for members to read and respond to in the comment boxes below. If you would like to post anything here then please send it in word doc format to the CTA team and we can publish it for you. You will need to use the following password: HoneyBroccoli1029
  • We have regular Zoom meetings both general and special interest meetings – please consult the calendar posted in the Members Area.
  • And, finally, for the purpose of responding to requests for referrals to ‘non-woke’ therapists, we have created a list of therapists who are committed to delivering traditional nonideological therapy. If you would like to be added to this directory, then please contact Thalia, a CTA Network Member, who is administering this, at: [email protected]
    We look forward to your participation in the network and collaborating with you. You have joined a group that intends to make a difference by refocusing our therapy professions on their real mission which is healing.
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